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Dated: 05/09/2013

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Oh yeah, we did.

This is the best...and we couldn't say that if it weren't true, right?
I just wanted to take the time to let you know a few things that went into the home search on this website right here...otherwise, you may not have known and that just won't do.
So, here are a few interesting facts about the web search:
It combines the information from both the Fort Hood Area Multiple Listing Service (that's MLS in Realtor-speak) AND we've paid extra to combine that with the Temple Belton MLS information. Most have one or the other and may miss out on several hundred homes in the area. Not ours, it has them ALL, yo.
 It includes all of our area MLS info—meaning you’ll see all of the homes, no matter where they are listed. You can search using maps, schools, specific addresses, or criteria.
The search is amazing…but the magic is really when you start seeing the properties! Huge pictures and a flood of information await at your fingertips. Street views, virtual tours, location of the schools that service the home and all of the area averages for prices, square footages, taxes, you name it.
 It’s all here and ready for you. Need any help with the site or your search? We offer immediate, no pressure chat assistance from 7am-1am each and every day! In fact, take a look down at the bottom right of your you see that, where it says, "Questions?" Oh yeah. There's a real person on the other end of that almost all of the time. 
Come on, please tell me that you're a little impressed, eh?
This home search is also coupled with the service of a pretty darn special real estate company. ***NOTE: the Author is biased!***
We'll answer your questions, make sure you see EVERYTHING you should (not just our listings, or the 3-4 we THINK you might like, but everything!), and of course we'll never pressure you.
So, that's it for this propaganda-laden blog. We hope you enjoy the site. Please send us a message to let us know how you like it, or if some improvements can be made. We value what you think.
As always we appreciate your business and your eyeballs gracing this information!
The ADVANCED SEARCH Page can be found at:

With that, I'll see you on the next blog, Muchachos!
Chip Franks
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Chip Franks

The Supreme Commander of The Real Estate MarketPlace and A Good Guy, In General! Ron "Chip" Franks was born in 1972 in the thriving metropolis of Killeen, Texas and makes his profession there as on....

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