These Words Do Not Belong Together

Dated: 08/05/2013

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I Can't.

These are two of the most debilitating, cancerous words in the English language when they're used together.

It abdicates responsibility. It eliminates hope that something can be done. It turns an otherwise responsible, capable person into someone not able to fend for themselves.

I don't allow my children to say those words, and I'm hoping after you read this you will consider the same thing of yourself. If you've heard yourself utter those words--either out loud, or more commonly just saying them to yourself, then you're selling yourself short.

Instead of the, "I can't," mentality, we need to replace it with these three empowering words:

"How can I?"

Winners think in terms of HOW something can get done.

"I can't," shuts off the mind. It is, in effect, saying, "I give up."

"How can I?" Makes you more resourceful. It assumes something, anything, can be done and it starts that wondrous mind of yours working on getting it (whatever "it," is) accomplished.

Think to yourself, do you ever say anything like the following?

"I can't get everything done today."

"I can't do that. I'm not smart enough."

"I can't afford that."

Now. Take the time to read how these are changed, and feel the difference.

"How can I get everything done today?"

"How can I do that? Even if if I don't have the same resources, how can I do that?"

"How can I afford that?"

Can you start to see how powerful this way of thinking is? Just a little change in your vocabulary and self-talk can have a profound, life-changing effect on most everything you do in life. 

Are there things in your life you've convinced yourself, possibly through years of poisonous self talk, that you can't do? Ask yourself how can I do that. Let's do something about it today.
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