The Real Estate MarketPlace Testimonials

I researched the real estate market in the area by going online first.

I found an ad in a magazine and really like what I read so I registered on their website. I couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor, they answered my countless questions with honesty. I always felt like they had my best interest at heart and they were always friendly. It was always sincere and not for show. Our search for a new home was fun and exciting rather than a tedious process. Thanks Again!

Gail Scott

Dave Ramsey’s ELP- but the first impression I got on our first conversation was what made me select TREMP.

Our agent was very informative, reliable, honest, and patient. Love the no pressure sales and the willingness to help. We had a great experience; Chip is the Best Realtor I have ever worked with. (Even though he’s an Aggie) We felt like we had the entire TREMP Team behind us to help get what we wanted.

Grant & Sarah Yawn

I choose Real Estate Market Place because of the choices and the quantity of homes listed on their website.

Their internet presentation was also very good. The agent was very patient and clear on everything. The office location, the people on their team and the environment was impressive.

George Ayala

I found Real Estate Market Place by coming by the office, the Realtor I was working with was not working for me.

The other Realtor was working for the Seller and was not willing to give me what I wanted, Chip gave it to me without hesitation. So not only did I get what I wanted, I got a Realtor and a friend. The staff was always friendly and the office was always very neat and clean.

Fredrick Meeks

I found Real Estate Market Place because they called me, they were very responsive to my needs, but were not pushy like the other places I had spoke with.

They worked with my schedule and really took the time out and looked for my needs. TREMP is absolutely wonderful to work with and I love the friendliness and the way everything was explained to me from start to finish. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer Stephens

I was referred by a friend because Real Estate Market Place is so extremely friendly and helpful.

We visited a large number of homes before I found one ready to purchase. TREMP was great as I work weird hours they were able to work around my schedule and ensure that I saw all the homes I wanted to see. I was sent a frequent email so I was able to watch for new homes and any changes that came up on others. They met my needs 100%!

Laura Marley

I love the service my family and I received at The Real Estate Market Place, We were recommended by the Dave Ramsey program.

Our Realtor took a lot of time with us and was very patient to go through every option with us. We felt they were always keeping our best interest in mind. He was always friendly and honest. We could have bought a far more expensive house but he encouraged us to make a wise finical decision that would not overwhelm us. We had a wonderful experience!

Michael & Rhea Brown

I was referred to The Real Estate Market Place by a friend because they have a great staff.

They walked me through buying my first home and answered every question I had, making it easy on my part. I was walked through every step of the way and contacted through the process. They continued to show me as many houses as I wanted, until I found the perfect home. Thank everyone!

Adam Steele

We had checked around with other companies before deciding to go with Real Estate Market Place, we didn’t get the same comfortable feeling with the others as we got with TREMP.

They listened to our needs and their willingness to meet us promptly and treated us like serious buyers and not window shoppers. We always felt like we were number 1. Chip gave up some of his family time during the holidays to work with us and meant a lot; we were able to find a home quicker because of that. The whole purchase went smoothly which was very important to us as well. They were very patient and took time to answer all of our questions. We love your company’s philosophy of having experts in each area of the process without feeling like we were being passed around or rushed by the hand off. We were most impressed by the ease of the entire process and exceed our expectations immensely. If the opportunity arises I would not hesitate to use TREMP again.

Douglas & Christine Moore

I chose to work with The Real Estate Market Place because I knew Chip would explain everything to me in the simple terms.

He always answered my questions. I was kept up to date on y home status and I was very impressed with the personal service I received from TREMP throughout the selling process. Everything went very well and I received accurate and correct information. I felt they all worked in my best interest.

Todd Martin

We are returning clients, we returned for the friendly atmosphere and how we were able to come in at any time.

The experience was even better from them moment we walked into the door we felt like a part of your family. It was so nice to be able to drop by anytime and have access to computer and printers, we never felt like we were putting anyone out. We were actually able to talk to Chip when we needed to. So when it came time to purchase a new home there was no questions in our mind of the Realtor or office that we would use. It was wonderful to be able to have such a smooth transition. Thanks again Real Estate Market Place for making us part of the TREMP family again. We love you guys!!!

Jamie & Sue Gordon

We heard about you through John Hall who introduced me to his wife Wini, who in turn introduced me to Chip.

We picked you initially because of your flexibility to work with us. Later, it was their drive and integrity that encouraged us to stick it out with them. One of the most effective tools offered by TREMP was the weekly update so efficiently provided. The Real Estate MarketPlace always worked with OUR best interests at heart. Their honesty and integrity gave us the confidence to stick with them during a tough housing market. The tenacity of the entire staff at TREMP sold our house! Thank you.

David and Barbara Hosler

You came recommended from a reliable source and gave us the impression from the beginning that you cared about our needs and limitations.

You made available every property to meet our needs; even the internet website postings. You were accessible to show the properties when we desired to see them. You were patient for over 6 months while we waited for the right property to meet our needs. Chip made it a personal issue to himself and his team to find the best house for us and to care about our needs and limitations. We felt his struggles with what we struggled with and felt the joy in him and the team when we felt joy. We connected! Come on, what can we say? Y'all are an awesome team! Just keep treating every Client the way you treated us; with honesty, respect and integrity and you should not only have a loyal clientele but the knowledge of having truly helped those you work with. Our experience with TREMP has been both a pleasure and a blessing. Feeling that we were not going to be easy Clients to work with because of our limitations, we assumed that we would have been treated with an uncaring attitude. However, from the moment we walked through the door to the time we signed the contract on our house we felt like family. They made us feel like we were part of a team reaching for a common goal to find our family a home and a future in that home. We walked away saying, "Wow! We will be friends forever." Thank you TREMP for a wonderful home experience.

Jack and Liz Williamson

I found out about The Real Estate MarketPlace from Dave Ramsey.

I picked you guys because I didn't have to enter into a contract with you. You went above and beyond to satisfy me. You were quick to return phone calls and always showed up on time for appointments. You also gave your opinions and advice, but didn't pressure us to follow the advice. I always though Realtors were sleazy, crooked, money grabbers, but TREMP changed my opinion! I would never use a different Realtor!

Evelyn and Robert Piekarski

Y'all were very personable.

You made me feel like family. You worked around my schedule to show me houses until we found the perfect one for me. You did great, keep it up! I was impressed at how easy the process was. Y'all kept me informed the entire time and I appreciated that. Y'all did such a great job...I forgive the half of y'all that are Aggie fans! When you have a Realtor that takes care of you like family, why would you choose to work with anyone else?

Selina Alanis

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